Puppy Application

Get the process started by filling out our Puppy Application! The reason for this application is to ensure our puppies are placed into loving, secure and stable homes. Submission of this application does not obligate you to purchase a puppy nor does it guarantee that we will have a puppy for you. This allows us to get to know you and learn why you are interested in purchasing and owning a Golden Miracles Golden Retriever Puppy.

How many people live in your household?
If there are any children, how old are they and how will they be involved in the raising of a new puppy?
Why did you choose a Golden Retriever from Golden Miracles?
Where/How did you hear about Golden Miracles?
Do you prefer male or female? Will you accept either?
Tell us about any other pets that live in your household. If you currently have no dogs, have you ever owned a dog before?
Do you own or rent your home? If you rent, does your rental agreement allow you to keep a pet?
Describe your yard. Is it fenced? Puppy friendly?
Do you plan to keep your puppy inside or outside?
How many hours on average per day will your puppy be alone? Where will you keep your puppy when no one is home?
I'm interested in: (check all that apply)
English Cream Golden Retriever
European Blend Golden Retriever
What is your ideal timeframe?
3-6 Months
More than 6 Months
Do you have any Questions or Concerns that we can answer?
By submitting this application, I agree to complete the vaccination requirements in a timely manner and in accordance with my veterinarian's instructions; that if I am unable to care for or keep the dog for any reason that I will return the dog to Golden Miracles and will not resell the dog; and that I do not intend to breed my dog, and I will spay/neuter before 12 months. I am also aware that Golden Retrievers are prone to Hip and Elbow Dysplasia and that there is an environmental component to the development of Hip and Elbow Dysplasia.

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