Our Story

Chapter 1: In the Beginning

Miracle of Golden Miracles Golden Retrievers in Mississippi

Miracle - Retired and Loving It!

Our story first began when Susie gave birth to our sweet girl, Miracle One. Susie was diagnosed by the vet as "she's not pregnant but she is experiencing a false pregnancy" condition. He advised us of what the false pregnancy would encompass...which is basically everything except the birth of real puppies. He explained that as Susie got closer to her "false due date" she would do things just like she was actually pregnant. She did get bigger, produced milk, began nesting, etc. He had also warned us that when she began having her "false puppies" that she would begin gathering her babies. She did exactly that. She began gathering things about 30 minutes to an hour apart. She ended up with 8 "false puppies" which consisted of 5 toys, two socks and a slipper. Susie would become very upset if we tried to take one of her babies from her. A day or so after her "fake puppies" were born, she became very restless and her body temperature began dropping. Since we had never had puppies before - we had no clue that she was actually about to go into labor. We went on to bed that night and the next morning, we were surprised to find one sweet baby nursing on Susie. Miracle is far from being "false." She has been an amazing "unexpected" addition to our family.

Chapter Two: From One Miracle to Many More

The following year, we allowed Susie to breed again and she gave birth to a litter of 8. We never could have dreamed that we would find so much joy in raising puppies. As we wiped away the tears as each of the eight puppies left our home, we knew in our hearts that we needed to experience in that type of joy again. So after researching around the south we finally found our precious boy in Mobile, AL. We named him Golden Romeo Bear. In searching for a special name for our Golden family adventure we combined the first names of Golden Romeo and Miracle One and in so doing, we became known as "Golden Miracles." Miracle blessed us with many wonderful puppies over the years. In 2013, we knew that Miracle was tired and she would have her last litter. In order to continue with Susie's and Miracles bloodline, we bred Miracle with a different male in order to keep a female to carry on the Golden Miracle's line. Miracles daughter, Juliet, joined our family in November, 2013. We expect to carry on with more American Goldens with a little help from our Romeo & Juliet.

Chapter 3: Adding Cream Makes Everything Better

Adding English Cream to our American Golden Retriever family is a Dream Come True! English Cream Goldens are the European Golden Retrievers. In 2013, we added our first Full English Cream Golden female, Mallie. Then in 2014, we added our first Full English Cream male, Zander. We imported Zander all the way from Ukraine. Mallie and Zander are both very affectionate and loving. We are very happy to have such a special breed as part of our family and look forward to what the next chapter will bring!